Terms & Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to www.splitsecondimages.co.uk (SSI) which is owned and operated by Gerry McManus.
  2. All images on the website are copyright of Gerry McManus / SSI unless specified otherwise. SSI will grant its account holders/clients with a non-exclusive licence to reproduce these images in an editorial context in exchange for timely payment of an agreed fee. Editorial use means that they will be reproduced in print and/or on new media in order to provide a news story to the publication's readership.
  3. The account holders/clients must only use these images for editorial use and they must not be used for advertisements, promotional campaigns or competitions and neither re-sold, re-licenced or reproduced without prior written agreement with SSI.
  4. The images must not be published larger than 650 pixels on the longest length on websites. Reasonable steps should be taken to disable copying of images on websites by third parties.
  5. Images of Coca Cola Football League football games are subject to an agreement with DataCo and these images are supplied exclusively for editorial use only.
  6. The account holder/client must not alter the images in any way except for standard industry practices for cropping, colour balancing, flipping, cut-outs and contrast. These editing procedures must not alter the primary content nor alter the intended story shown.
  7. The images must not be used in a defamatory or libellous way and the account holder/client agrees to indemnify SSI in respect of any claims arising from such use.
  8. SSI will make every effort to guarantee accuracy on photo captions however the account holder/client is responsible for checking the data is correct. SSI does not accept responsibility for losses arising from possible inaccuracies.
  9. There are no rights free images on the SSI website and all uses of images must be paid for at the agreed rates. Account holders/clients agree to provide SSI with photocopies of the relevant sections of the publication within thirty days of use. Downloading an image from the website does not constitute use of an image. Each single use of an image must be paid for individually, whether printed or new media.
  10. Account holders/clients must make payments via self-billing or by requesting an invoice.
  11. All payments must be made by 30 days of use or '30 days end of month following' for credit account customers.
  12. Mandatory by-line SplitSecondImages.co.uk
  13. You must not disclose your username and password to any third party.

Privacy Policy

  1. Information obtained by SSI will not be passed to any third party.
  2. All account holders/clients will have confirmed that they have read and accepted these terms and conditions before an account can be issued.
  3. SSI has the right to terminate an account if the account holder/client is found to be in breach of these terms and conditions.